Based in San Francisco, BluePrint Investing is an independent wealth management firm. We advise a select group of successful individuals and families. While we serve a variety of clients, we specialize in addressing the unique needs of business leaders, entrepreneurs, and other accomplished professionals. Many of our clients have experienced rapid financial growth and want to avoid making costly errors with their personal wealth management. We help our clients manage their financial future with the same attention and rigor that they devote to their businesses and careers. Our approach emphasizes intellectual honesty and depth based on a thorough appreciation of a client’s particular situation, rather than being sales-driven.

We understand that an investment portfolio is just one component of an optimal wealth management program. We help our clients navigate critical financial decisions. We also help them get their entire financial house in order, including the areas of retirement planning, estate planning, tax mitigation, insurance, and charitable giving. When necessary, we coordinate with or introduce our clients to other specialists.

Clients often begin an advisory relationship with us when they are anticipating or have experienced a major liquidity event. If you know anyone that may benefit from an introduction, we would welcome an initial conversation.