Wealth Management for Successful Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs: From Liquidity Events to Financial Independence and Beyond


Our wealth management philosophy is aligned with Nobel Prize winning research. Our goal is to help you manage your personal wealth with the same standards of excellence you apply to your career.

Cultivate Financial Independence

Financial independence can mean many things to business leaders. For some, what’s valuable is the ability to make important business and career decisions without feeling constrained by personal finances. For others, it may mean having the option of not working or of being able to achieve work-life balance after an earlier intense career.

Achieve Peace of Mind

It can be difficult to delegate wealth management, unless you know you are working with a sophisticated thought partner who has worked with many others in your situation. But having found such an advisor, you can feel good knowing that you have a long-term strategy in place for your personal finances and are executing on the plan.

Do More of What You Enjoy

Professional success can lead to a scarcity of time and mental energy for other pursuits. Wealth management is a field that many find can demand more attention than may seem apparent, and increasingly so as net worth grows. By working with a sophisticated advisor under an evidence-based framework, you can free up more of your precious time.

About Our Founder, Bob Lee

I have owned and operated BluePrint Investing, a boutique wealth management practice, since 2009. I work with successful business leaders and entrepreneurs to build and strengthen their financial independence. Drawing upon my earlier career in private equity and management consulting, I help my clients manage their personal wealth with the same standards of excellence they apply to their careers. By running a private practice, I am able to work directly with a more focused client group, build long-term relationships based on trust, and pursue an evidence-based investment approach rooted in academic science. Having achieved peace of mind knowing a long-term financial strategy is in place, clients can focus their precious time on their professional aspirations and attain more balance in their personal lives.