When evaluating their alternatives, our clients look past sales and marketing and instead prioritize having a sophisticated thought partner to help navigate through important financial decisions. Though they seek to free up personal time through delegation, they also seek an advisor that will thoroughly educate on importance topics related to their financial situation. Ultimately, our clients choose us because we help manage their personal wealth with the same standards and attention to detail that they apply to their own businesses and careers. They seek a long-term relationship based on trust and competence and appreciate our thoughtful exploratory process, which helps confirm advisory fit.

At the time of initial engagement, many of our clients have already achieved an impressive level of financial and professional success, but are still rising in their careers and seeking to build upon that initial foundation. We look to begin an advisory relationship after a client’s investable assets have reached at least $2 million, but exceptions to our minimum can be made based on factors such as liquidity event prospects or savings trajectory. As clients continue to achieve new wealth levels, we guide them through the changing financial circumstances and strategic considerations.

While we serve a variety of clients, we specialize in addressing the unique needs of business leaders and entrepreneurs. Many of our clients are financially knowledgeable and have self-managed their wealth for a period of time, but have become clients after realizing that for all their business talent, it was not previously getting applied sufficiently to their own finances. By becoming clients, they have often sought to apply better strategy and execution to their own wealth management. Furthermore, many have experienced a rapidly changing financial situation with new complexities, and they want to avoid making costly mistakes going forward.